Emergency Locksmith Service When You Need It Most.

Our Emergency Locksmith is only a call away. It can be very unpleasant when you hear the door click behind you and you realise that you have left your keys inside the back of the door. Or you look through your bag or coat to find that you have no keys. You may only realise that you left your keys on the kitchen counter when you are half way to your destination.


That has happened to all of us at some stage. It has even happened to me before I was a Locksmith. It is not that much of a problem. If you are reading this and you need a Locksmith then you have already solved half your problem. The next step is to push the call now button. You will then get through to your Local Emergency Locksmith that will take care or the rest. 

Locksmith picking a lock

My Emergency Locksmith Pricing Structure.

My Emergency Locksmith prices are highly competitive, there are no call out charges or hidden costs. If you just need to gain entry, need a cylinder or dead lock changed then I can quote you a confirmed price over the phone. If your UPVC door has completely failed then my pricing structure on UPVC lock mechanisms and gearbox repairs are slightly different to the rest of my services.

I can only estimate your quote on the phone. There are to many different types of door mechanisms and gearboxes on the market, and they are all different prices. So when I attend your property I will confirm the cost of the repair. I am based in London and travel all around South East London and parts of Kent repairing UPVC doors.

If you need any of our other services please have a look around our site or you can contact me on 07477 662502. If you would like to see my latest jobs please see my Facebook Page

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